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Ready to learn Russian in the Russian school in Moscow?

Do it right—in the heart of Russia.

Learning a new language is exhilarating, challenging, and—if you do it right—a lot of fun! You’ll invest a lot of time and energy into your learning, so the key is to make strong choices. The Lev Russian Language School in Moscow is that strong choice. Why? Because we are different.

The Center of Moscow

Our Russian school is situated in the Metro Turgenevskaya

Online Lessons

You can choose to study online.

Small classes

We don’t have over-crowded classes, so usually our groups are 2-6 person.

No registration fee

In our school you will pay only for your lessons. We don’t ask any other fee to pay!

How is our Russian language school different?

The reason learning any language can be so challenging is that you have no real-world way to test your knowledge. Experts agree: if you want to learn a language, you need to be speaking it. What better way to start speaking than right here with us in the Russian capital? The Lev Russian Language School is located in Russia’s cosmopolitan capital city—the iconic Moscow. From day 1 of your studies, you’re perfectly positioned to soak up our language and culture. We give you the confidence and opportunity to start using your new language in real-time.

Why is real-time language learning different?

1 week of our total immersion Russian language training in Moscow = 3 months of academic language training anywhere else in the world! You’ll be speaking to native Russian speakers from your first day on our innovative language campus.

Real language—by real teachers—real fast! That’s the difference.

Over 1.000 Happy Students from all over the world

Our people

Why are our teachers different?

Ask around! The Lev Russian Language School is renowned for its teaching expertise.

We only work with the best teachers at our Moscow Russian language school, so that our students are speaking confidently and naturally, quickly.

Our teachers are responsive and efficient. Their knowledge is their toolkit, and they keep their tools sharp through upskilling, additional training, and advanced courses.

This is how we maintain the top spot as the best Russian language school in Moscow.

Why are our classes different?

Our teachers tailor their capsule lessons to our students’ unique needs. We’re not here to churn out student numbers—we’re here to create strong, confident Russian speakers.

As a student, you’ll have access to the learning tools that work best for you.

  • Group classes
  • Individual course modules
  • Skype lessons
  • Beginner—Intermediate—Advanced programs
  • Intensive programs for learning on the go

One-to-one course

from 10 to 30 hours a week

Group + individual course

25 academic hours / week

Intensive group course

20 academic hours / week

Build your schedule and learn your way! With our solid, flexible learning framework, you can learn around your commitments in a way that sets you up for Russian speaking success.

We understand that students come to us from around the world for one reason:

When you want to speak Russian, our Moscow language school is the best place to be.

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