1. Registration

1.1. The registration can be done online through mail in which you can confirm to accept this terms or in person in our office.

2. Language Courses

2.2.1. 1 week course must be prepaid 50 Euro the day of the subscrition and the rest in person once arrived.

Courses of 2 weeks or more must be prepaid 100 Euro and the rest in person once arrived. The prepay amount can’t be refund in any case for sudent cancelation. A full reimburse will be in case of the school, for any reason, have to cancel. If the cancelation will come within 30 days, it’s possible for the student to move the course in another period (in the same year of course).

2.2.2. In the case of longer courses (3 weeks or more) weekly course payments are possible, beginning with the first week of study but payment must be for no fewer than 20 academic hours. Furthermore, tuition discount (for courses of 8 weeks or more in length) is immediately included only with 100% payment on the first day of study for the whole period of study. Otherwise, payment for the first 7 weeks is made in full at the prices applicable to the first 7 weeks, and starting from the 8th week the price will be discounted (depending on the duration of the course) in accordance with our prices scale at Lev Tolstoy center official site .

2.2.3. Textbooks and visual aids are to be paid for separately.

2.2.4. If a student enrolled in group lessons is the only student present on the day of instruction, the School maintains the right to provide 3 individual lessons/day instead of 4 group lessons at the same group cost. ( 1 lesson = 45 min)

2.2.5. The School maintains the right to transfer the student to a more appropriate course or more fitting group, if the student’s level of fluency does not correspond to the course reserved.
2.2.6. The school has the right to move a student to a different group, if he or she does not pass tests or the teacher finds that the student’s level does not match that of the group.
2.2.7. The School maintains the right to substitute or replace a teacher in case of necessity without prior notification of the student.
2.2.8. The student is required to observe the laws of the Country, maintain appropriate behavior befitting a place of study on School premises and boundaries, not to use or consume drugs or alcohol on school premises, and treat the property of the school with care. If damage is inflicted upon School property by the student, he or she is obliged to fully compensate for the loss.
2.2.9. For monitoring and controlling the quality of teaching in certain classes the school may run video surveillance. The school is bound to protect the confidentiality of all information and use it exclusively within the school for purposes of quality control. If the student does not register an objection within one 24-hour period after the receipt of said document, it will be understood that the student has agreed to this point of the present Terms and Conditions.
2.2.10 the student also agree to give right to take pictures or video that will be used for school’s promotion.

2.3 Students behaviour

2.3.1 The school is never responsible for injury that the student may provoche on himself accidentaly during the lessons or in any other time the school is open.
2.3.2 The behaviour of the students have to be congruent to a school. Students that will be volgar or rude, or abusing of alcohol or drugs, they can be asked to leave from the school administration. In case of student’s fault the payment already gave won’t return.
2.3.4 The student will repay every school property broken or damaged, even if this happened accidentally .

2.4 Cancellation

2.3.1. Missed group or mini-group lessons are not carried over to a later date, nor are they otherwise compensated or refunded.
2.3.2. In case of cancellation of individual lessons, the class cancelled less than 24 hour should be paid 100% The student who need school’s benefits can’t book a number of individual lessons less than 10 to be considered a student.

2.4. Early Termination of Program

2.4.1. It is essential to immediately notify the administration of the School in written form of early termination of the program of study.
2.4.2. The school can’t refund what is already paid for a course, any course.

2.5. Changes to the Course of Study

2.5.1. At any time during the course of study the student may add supplementary lessons, having informed the administration of the School of his or her desire.
2.5.2. Lessons will be added to the student’s program within one day from the moment of receipt of the request.
2.5.3. Supplementary lessons should be paid for no later than the following working day from the moment of their addition to the student’s program. If new lessons are held starting from the day of addition, they must be paid for before the beginning of said lessons.

2.6. Program Extension

2.6. The student retains the option of prolonging the course of study, although advance notice (within one week of the proposed extension) guarantees a space in the student’s preferred group.

3.1. Student Accommodations

3.0 The schools doesn’t own the apartments, the student accept to accept ownder’s terms.
3.1.1. Upon reservation of the student’s lodgings (homestay, private apartment, or shared apartment)* it is necessary to send a deposit equal to 100 Euro, which will be calculated into the final bill for accommodations. In case of cancellation, the deposit is not returned.
3.1.3. All questions connected with payment of room and board with a family are resolved exclusively in conjunction with the School administration, with the exception of additional services not included in the cost of accommodation (extra laundry, Internet access, etc).

3.2. Early Departure

3.2.1. In the case of early termination of a stay of no more than two weeks, payment for accommodations is not returned.

3.3 Other issues concerning the apartments must be discussed with the company owner.

4. Transfers

4.1. In the case of airport transfer, it is essential to inform the School as soon as possible of the date and time of arrival, flight number and arrival terminal. Without receipt of this information airport transfer cannot be arranged. We consider possible the transfer just from Moscow airports, the school will provide detailed infos about how to reach us if the student will land in some other city.
4.2. All questions regarding payment for airport transfer are resolved exclusively with the School administration with the student that will request in through mail.
4.3. In case of change in the date of arrival, it is essential to notify the School administration no less than 6 hours prior to original arrival date (if arrival has been postponed) or prior to new arrival (if arrival has been moved to an earlier date). Otherwise the arranged transfer will be charged to the student.
4.4. In case of delayed flight, it is essential to notify the School administration. Otherwise the driver’s wait will be compensated at the student’s expense at a rate equal to 30 Euro/hour.
4.5. The transfer vehicle should arrive approximately 30 minutes after airplane landing. In case of prolonged wait by the driver of more than 30 minutes after scheduled arrival time the wait will be compensated to the extent of one half-hour.
4.6. In the case of reservation for airport transfer upon completion of the program, the pick-up will take place no later than 3 hours before departure.

5. Culture course and Excursions

5.1 The student can ascertain the schedule of group excursions with the School administration.

5.2. Payment for excursions must be made no less than 2 working days before the planned excursion is held. If the student registers less than three days prior to an excursion, payment must be made upon registration and no later than the start of the excursion. .
5.3. The School maintains the right to cancel an excursion, if a given group does not consist of the minimum number declared, with a refund of 100% of the cost of the excursion, or to substitute for it an individual excursion with the agreement of the student and upon payment of additional charges.
5.4. Routes of individual excursions can be altered according to the desires of the student. The cost of said excursions are agreed upon separately with the School administration.

6. Receiving Complaints

6.1 All complaints and dissatisfaction should be lodged during the period of the student’s program at the school, either in person or in written form. Refunds will not be given and substitutions will not be made as a result of complaints and dissatisfaction registered with the administration after the termination of the student’s course of study.
6.2 Students fill out feedback forms at the end of the first and final weeks. If the student expresses dissatisfaction with any matter relating to the school or the student’s stay in Russian Federation, then the student will be asked to fill out one more feedback form after one week. If any questions or concerns arise, students may either use the Suggestion Box or inform any of the staff personally.